About Us

Elissa Greeley and Nanci Savage have been serving small to medium size businesses for over 25 years.  They provide guidance in accounting software selection, bookkeeping and business management and have worked and consulted with companies in many different industries.  They also support QuickBooks® Payroll, QuickBooks® Merchant Services, and QuickBooks® Time.  Elissa and Nanci have a wealth of knowledge, along with a tool bag of tips and tricks they willingly share with their clients.

Nanci and Elissa both share the following certifications and programs:

  • QuickBooks® ProAdvisor (since originally offered in 1999)
  • QuickBooks® Advanced ProAdvisor Certification
  • QuickBooks® Enterprise Certified
  • QuickBooks® Online Certified
  • Trainer/Writer Network
  • QuickBooks® Solution Provider (original charter member)
  • Premier Reseller

100% Customer Satisfaction award for the QuickBooks® Solution Provider Program